Touring Panama City

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Hannah in Panama

City of Knowledge      City of Knowledge

Today, after a walk around the City of Knowledge where we are staying, we toured Panama City with our tour guide named Gloria. She is so sweet and passionate about Panama City! The city is absolutely beautiful. We saw what Americans would normally call ‚the ghetto‘, are called Red Zones in Panama and much more dangerous looking. Other than that, though, the city was amazing!

IMG_0588    IMG_0598

Panamanians don’t really follow traffic signs as Americans do, well most Americans (you know who you are). It’s crazy how close they got to other cars! And they definitely put that horn to use. Right across from Panama City is Old Panama which is the older version of Panama City. Check out my pictures and see the difference! They had to build a wall around Old Panama to keep the pirates out.

IMG_0611      IMG_0609

IMG_0593     IMG_0606

After our tour, we went to an area…

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